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The Wedding and Engagement ornaments are one of the most popular for the Holiday Season. They are a special reminder of the special day!

It is a great gift for the special couple!

Large shatterproof Our First Christmas wedding couple with garland

Customize with names, wedding date and maybe the last name

Large shatterproof Jayhawk bride and groom

Customize with bride and grooms name, wedding date, on the back.

Large frosted glass Bride and Groom heads

Customize with hair color, flesh color, names, wedding date etc.

Large shatterproof wedding cake, anniversary cake etc.

Customize with your info for the special memory

Large shatterproof Our First Christmas Couple

Customize with names and year. This can be for boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife etc.

Regular ornament bride and groom snowman with heart on green

Customize with bride and groom's name, wedding date in heart. This can be done on other colors just mention in when you customize.

Large Christmas palm tree, tropical honeymoon?

Customize with location and names and year. Great memory for the couple.

Large ornament Just Engaged snowcouple

Customize with year and names on the back. This can be done on another color bulb.

Large shatterproof Engagement ornament

Customize all of it! Tell me a little about the engagement and I can come up with a unique idea!

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