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WELCOME to the Catholic School Page!

These are a few of the designs specifically made for private schools.

(although you may order from any page!)

Email me to place your order to avoid shipping charges or order from the website and I will credit you back for shipping if you are picking order up.

Email me to order:

Make sure to check out all the other pages for MORE ideas!

Remember- I create the custom ornament for you!! Don't see what you need? Just let me know what you are thinking about and it can be created!

*All items listed below can also be made for any school or group.

HTS Doodle uniform boy/girl in jumper - regular size

Personalize each with name and year on the back!

Any school uniform can be done! Just let me know colors of the school you want!

HTS doodle uniform skirt girl-regular size

Personalize with name and year!

Any uniform colors can be done. Just let me know your colors and school!

HTS Graduate or any graduate-regular size

Remember graduation from Grade School!

This doodle graduate can be for any school- high school or college also. Let me know gown colors and name of school.

Personalize with name and year

HTS snowman-regular size

This is a great gift for teachers, friends, parishoners etc.

You may use a different word in the banner also.

Personalize with name and year.

Holy Trinity snowman with bulb-regular size

Great gift for teacher and friends and family. You may just list Holy Trinity and not the school.

Bishop Meige snowman- regular size

Remember the high schools! Any high school can be done.

Personalize with name and year on back.

St. James Snowman- regular size

Personalize your way! Great for the high school kids, the babysitter, families etc.

St Thomas Aquinas snowman- regular size

Great gift, ornament exchange item, babysitter, family, friends, teachers etc.

Any high school can be done.

Rockhurst High School- regular size

Great gift!

Any high school can be done.

Personalize on the back with year and name

Sports doodle girl or boy Football, soccer, golf, baseball, softball, rugby, tennis etc.

Let me know what sport, boy or girl, uniform colors, uniform #, name and year on back

Great gift for the whole team!

You can order coaches gifts also. These can also be done on a large ornament.

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