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Please email me your order if you are local.

Sorority Ornaments

I do all sorority and fraternities! Let me know what you are looking for. There are three main styles to choose from:

Greek Letters

Doodle girl sorority

Snowman sorority/fraternity

Regular size: $16.00

Large size: starts at $29.00

Below are some samples:

Sorority/Fraternity Greek Letter large size Ornament

Greek Letters with optional personalization

Sorority/Fraternity snowman large size

Great stocking stuffer! Great for roommate!

sorority girl large ornament

Sisters Forever! Great for big or little! Great memory for those special years! Can be done in sorority colors!

Sorority Wreath-Large

Personalize with greek letters in wreath and name below. The year will be added to the back

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