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The ornament the started it all!

The Doodle ornament is the most popular item!

You can get any Doodle boy or girl and personalize it your way!!

Purchase any below or customize one!

Holiday Doodle Girl on Large Shatterproof ornament $29

(The regular size doodles are like drawings, outlined in black. The Large shatterproof Doodles can have flesh tone and hair color)

Customize your Doodle! I have done many more than what are listed below. There is a custom order listed at the bottom for both regular and large ornaments. Be sure to get exactly what you want.

All kinds of Doodles can be done:

girl scout, boy scout, soccer player, tennis player, lacrosse, football, field hockey, bowling, ballet, jazz, hip hop, basketball, baseball, softball, doctor, dentist, nurse, graduate nurse and sooooooo much more!!!

Large shatterproof Doodle Holiday Girl

Customize with hair color, flesh color, name and year

Large shatterproof Doodle Cheer or any sport- Very popular

Customize with hair color, flesh color, name, Team initials for shirt, team colors and year. For other sports be sure to list jersey number etc.

Regular ornament Doodles book girl

Customize with name, dress color and year

Large frosted glass Doodle Bride and Groom heads

Customize with flesh and hair color, names, wedding date

Regular ornament Doodle football player

Customize with name, team name, jersey number, team colors and year