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Please email me your order if you are local.

Cheerleader /Dance gifts

The gift of personalization is LOVED by all!

Large Cheerleader jumping ornament

This is a great gift for the team! Great for coaches, gift exchange etc! Personalize with team colors, team initials, girls/coaches name. Cheer ribbon is included! Most popular item ever!

Regular size cheerleader or football player

Great gift for the whole team! Make it special with a message on the back! cheerleader will come with cheer ribbon!

Customize with team colors, team name, name and year. For football players add the uniform #!

Large cheer team ornament

Such a great gift for the coaches! Great gift exchange too! Can also be any other type of team-soccer, dance, baseball, softball, volleyball etc.

Cheer team will have cheer ribbon! And dance will have dance ribbon!

reguluar size Santa dancer/cheerleader

Great gift and stocking stuffer!

Santa cheerleader has poms and is in red outfit! Ribbon will vary. Popular gift item!

Regular size dance girl

Makes a great gift for the whole team or class! Great for coaches and teachers too.

Let me know if you want jazz pant dancer or tutu dancer.

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